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UEFA: Norge taper kampen mot Romania 3-0

UEFAs appellkomité har i dag bestemt at Norge taper den avlyste kampen mot Romania med 3-0. Begrunnelsen er at det var NFF som tok beslutningen om ikke å reise til Romania.

Les hele UEFAs beslutning her:

In view of the positive Covid-19 test result within the Norwegian national team and the confirmation of the Norwegian Football Association not being able to travel to Romania, the 2020/21 UEFA Nations League League B – Group 1 match between Romania and Norway – scheduled for Sunday 15 November 2020 in Bucharest, Romania – could not be played.

The matter was submitted to the UEFA Control, Ethics and Disciplinary Body, for a decision to be taken in accordance with the special rules applicable to the league phase of the 2020/21 UEFA Nations League, as approved by the UEFA Executive Committee on 29 August 2020. Based on Article 29(3) of the UEFA Disciplinary Regulations and given the urgent circumstances of the matter, the chairman of the UEFA Control, Ethics and Disciplinary Body referred the case to the Appeals Body.

The Chairman of the UEFA Appeals Body today took the following decision:

“To declare the 2020/21 UEFA Nations League match between Romania and Norway, that was scheduled to be played on 15 November 2020, as forfeited by the Norwegian Football Association (who is therefore deemed to have lost the match 3-0) for being responsible for the match not taking place (as provided for in Circular Letter No. 66/2020 establishing the special rules applicable to the league phase of the 2020/21 UEFA Nations League).

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